Main Characters of “Who Made Me a Princess”

Here is a list of some of the main characters from the webtoon/manhwa “Who Made Me A Princess”

Main Characters of Manhwa/Manga Who Made Me A Princess, All characters

Athanasia de Alger Obelia  (아타나시아 데이 앨제어 오벨리아)

“Athy, Lady Angel” Athanasia de Alger Obelia

Athanasia de Alger Obelia 
Main Characters of the Manga
Age:  25s (mentally) 15-16 (current body)
Status:deceased (OG timeline) deceased (second timeline) alive (current)
Eye color:Blue
Birthday:December 3
Hair Color:Blonde

Athanasia de Alger Obelia is the main protagonist of the Manga “Who Made Me a Princess” as well as the daughter of Claud de Alger Obelia and the only heir to the Obelian Empire. After reading a book named “The Lovely Princess” she falls asleep with sleeping pills and finds herself in the infant body of Athanasia. She has been reincarnated in the world of a lovely princess, coming to know that her father, the emperor of the Obelian Empire wanted to kill her, and she had to try all possible things to prevent her death.

Claude de Alger Obelia (클로드 데이 앨제어 오벨리아)

Claude de Alger Obelia, Claude
Eye color:Blue
Birthday:February 28
Hair Color:Blonde

Athanasia’s father, the Obelian Empire currently has him as its ruler. Anastacia de Alger Obelia, Claude’s older half-brother, the legitimate successor to the kingdom and the son of the emperor and empress, was murdered by Claude in order for him to steal the throne.

His first love, Penelope Judith, the daughter of a count, was his fiancé. Because he wasn’t the first in line to the throne, his fiancé kept delaying the announcement of their engagement. Anastacia murdered Claude’s mother after ascending to the throne and also made an effort to kill Claude. He instead murdered Anastacius out of agony and took control of the Obelian Empire.

As emperor, Claude de Alger Obelia had a suspicious nature and led a promiscuous lifestyle, engaging in prostitution and assassinating anybody he pleased. Claude was in love with Diana, a dancer invited to the royal dinner, and she subsequently fell pregnant with his child. Following Diana’s miscarriage, Claude killed all the concubines residing at Ruby Castle.

Athanasia de Alger Obelia is found wandering around his palace after getting lost five years later by chance. Claude instantly knows Athanasia because of how similar her face is to her late mother.

Every morning at 10 am throughout the course of the novel, Claude and Athanasia enjoy tea together. Over time, they grow closer, and Claude begins to actually care about his daughter.

Diana (다이아나)

Diana, love of Claude
Hair Color:Blonde

Mother of Athanasia. After meeting her at a royal feast, Claude fell in love with the stunning dancer. Just after giving birth to Athanasia, she passed away.

Anastacius de Alger Obelia (아나스타시우스 데이 앨제어 오벨리아)

Anastacius de Alger Obelia

Prior to being “killed” by his brother, Claude de Alger Obelia, Anastacius de Alger Obelia held the position of Crown Prince of the Obelian Empire. He is the biological father of Jennette Margarita.

Lucas (루카스)

“Lukaseu, Magician of the Black Tower”

Lucas, Magician of the Black Tower
Age:  14-21 (physical) 200+ (mental)
Eye color:Black
Birthday:December 25
Hair Color:Blonde

Lucas is a magician, and one of his numerous skills is the ability to change between his original form and that of a child.
 (Child) Young teen height, short black hair, wide red eyes.
(Adult/Original) young adult build, tall, narrow red eyes, and long black hair that is knee length. Lucas is the great Magician of the Black Tower and deuteragonist of the manhwa Who Made Me a Princess. He is the one person Athy truly trusts, as well as being her closest childhood friend.

Jennette Margarita (제니트 마그리타)

Jennette Margarita
Eye color:Blue
Birthday:January 6
Hair Color:Brown

In the beginning, Jennette starred in “The Lovely Princess.” She was adored by many people and was known for her heavenly disposition. She even won her tough father over, softening his hard heart. Jennette is a minor player in “Who Made Me a Princess,” and she is quite fond of Athanasia.

Felix Robane (필릭스 로베인)

Main Characters of Manhwa/Manga Who Made Me A Princess, Felix Robane
Eye color:Grey
Birthday:July 22
Hair Color:Red

Felix Robane is the personal guard of Athanasia de Alger Obelia. When Athanasia is five years old, he is given the responsibility of becoming her personal guard, and they quickly grow close.
Claude’s nanny was Felix’s mother, and the two were brought up as close siblings.

Lilian York (릴리안 요르크)

Lilian York
Eye color:Blue
Birthday:August 26
Hair Color:Brown

Lilian York is the head maid of the Ruby Palace and nanny to Athanasia de Alger Obelia.

Ijekiel Alpheus (이제키엘 알피어스)

“Whitey’s boy, Man of Gentle Charisma” Ijekiel Alpheus

Ijekiel Alpheus
Eye color:Yellow
Birthday:March 05
Hair Color:White

The House of Alpheus’s eldest child is Ijekiel Alpheus. Due to the circumstances of their first and second encounters, he calls Athanasia de Obelia “Lady Angel” and is despised by Claude de Alger Obelia.

Helena Irain

Main Characters of Manhwa/Manga Who Made Me A Princess, Helena Irain
Eye color:Green
Hair Color:Brown

She is one of the select group of noble females who is permitted to attend Athanasia’s tea parties.