Why Should You Read WHO MADE ME A PRINCESS Manga?

You might be thinking why should you read “Who Made Me A Princess” Manga? Well! There are several good reasons that could pull your interest towards this popular webtoon and manga series that has gained a significant following. Some of those reasons are the following;

Unique Premise:

The story presents a fresh and intriguing premise. “Who Made Me A Princess” is the story of a modern girl named Athanasia who is reincarnated as a princess in a fantasy world. 

Athanasia knows that her fate in the real world is to be killed by her own father, the king. This sets up an interesting and suspenseful narrative for the readers because Athanasia strives to change her destiny and survive in the palace by using all her wit and cunning.

Princess - Athanasia is the main character of the webtoon who made me a princess.

Engaging Characters:

Although all the characters in “Who Made Me a Princess” are well-developed and memorable, but the main character Athanasia is a strong girl who is determined to change her fate and make a better life for herself.  

This image shows the famous characters of the webtoon who made me a princess.

The other characters include her father, the cruel King Claude de Alger Obelia, and her love Prince Lucas. The webtoon successfully plots the characters in a way that creates emotional and motivational feelings for the readers.

Beautiful Artwork:

The webcomic version of “Who Made Me A Princess” is known for its beautiful artwork and stunning visuals. The art style is unique and eye-catching, with a focus on bright colors and bold lines.  
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Emotional Rollercoaster:

This series is definitely an emotional rollercoaster! The story evokes a range of emotions, from heartwarming romantic moments to intense and heartbreaking scenes, keeping readers engaged and curious to know what happens next.

Image is showing the princess and her lover of the webtoon who made me a princess.

World-building and Plot Twists:

This series has some of the best world-building and plot twists of any webtoon out there.  The author skillfully weaves together elements of mystery and intrigue, creating a captivating narrative that keeps readers guessing what will happen next.


Overall, “Who Made Me a Princess” offers a compelling story, engaging characters, emotional depth, and beautiful artwork. It has garnered a dedicated fanbase due to its unique premise, well-crafted storytelling, and ability to evoke strong emotional reactions. If you are looking for a story that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between then, this series might be worth exploring. Do you still need more reasons, why should you read “WHO MADE ME A PRINCESS” Manga? No! Let’s start reading.